Alex R. Tam
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Alex R. Tam


My name is Alex Ryan Tam.  My middle name was the runner up when my parents were choosing my name, and my dad won.  Now I'm named after some creep at my mom's office. 



Oakland, CA


Education [2013 - 2017]

California State University, Fullerton Advertising BA


I was raised under the liberal sun of Berkeley, CA, where I spent my childhood waking up at 7:00 am to doodle on the walls of my home that were lined with brown butcher paper. 

During the day, I attended a religious school where my artistic talents and unconventional family were hushed silent.

At the end of my high school term, I lost the ability to walk from a surfing injury in Hawaii.  After two months of sweat & tears - but no blood, I was released from Kaiser, Vallejo, walking on two legs.

Now I've just finished four years of college at California State University, Fullerton, three internships, two semesters pouring my heart into CSUF's Advertising Club, and one summer abroad in Italy.